Strategic Planner and Analyst

Job Location Jersey City, NJ, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Three to Six Month
Work Experience
  · Implimentator (Must have 3-5 years experience)
Skill Requirements
· PeopleSoft · Project Management - PMP
· NAS Administration · ORACLE
Other Required Skills
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status US Citizen
Job Starting Date February 6, 2016
Wage/Salary Hourly: 110 per hour to 135 per hour ;

Job Description
  - Responsible for working with Client's Technical and Operational leadership to confirm impacted processes and systems

- Responsible for developing documentation / matrix of dependencies that exist between technologies and processes

- Responsible for eliciting and assisting Client document deliverables that will be required through Client's technology portfolio and operations in order to meet OCC and industry symbology requirements.

- Responsible for providing advice on street wide testing approach, schedules, and industry certifications.

- Responsible for assisting Client Operations Implementation Manager (OIM) in planning and executing the activities relating to street wide testing.

- Responsible for developing strategic approach and high level schedule of deliverables that considers the technical delivery dependencies, operational assumptions, street wide testing, and internal QA.

- Responsible for elaborating on high level schedule into a detailed work plan that incorporates all aspects of the testing initiative.

- Responsible for helping to manage the execution of the project plan (and schedule) and perform standard project management activities (i.e. risk management, schedule management, resource management, status reporting, etc.).

- Responsible for providing guidance, advice, and risk management approaches regarding industry events, requirements, and industry certifications relating to Options Symbology.

- Responsible for assisting Client OIM in planning and execution of activities relating to industry street wide testing.

- Responsible for exploring alternate plans and options in anticipation of delayed testing schedules.

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