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Job Location Washington, DC, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length One to Three Month
Work Experience
  · Developer (Must have 1-3 years experience)
Skill Requirements
Other Required Skills
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date October 29, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

We have a need to create databases in MySQL and provide reporting on
this data to First Book employees. We are looking for someone who is
inquisitive about data - likes exploring and improving.
- Running queries using MySQL to determine frequency of occurrence of
certain data
- Using the queries to research and correct data. There will be
tasks that require mucking in the data, improving the data quality is
a key goal
- Writing queries and reports (PHP knowledge helpful)

Example Tasks
- Take geographic data (ZIP, County, State, Metropolitan Area) and
build database of ZIPS in MySQL. Create and load data into all
associated lookup databases.
- Write queries using our current customer data and this new
geographic data that would, for example, allow us to find all our
customers in a certain Metropolitan Area. Also append this logic to
existing queries.
- Take all historical sales data that is exported in XLS format from
our Prostores store and create and load a database in MySQL. Document
procedures for ongoing imports.
- Write queries to allow for analysis of sales by characteristics like
date range, state, book types etc.
- Use MySQL Workbench to help document our databases
- We have data in our Prostores system on sales by customers. We need
to match these sales to customers in our MySQL database. Some of
these customers have a unique key that is present in both systems but
many others do not have a unique key that matches. We need to look at
all fields - name, email, address etc - to try and match up the data
between systems.


- Phone Screen and Face to face interview

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