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Automated Test Developer

Job Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Position Type Full time position
Job Length Not Specified
Work Experience
  · Developer (Must have 10+ years experience)
Skill Requirements
· Java · J2EE
Other Required Skills • At least five years of Java/J2EE experience

• Demonstrated significant real-world project-related experience
with Python

• Demonstrated significant real world project related experience
with Unix shell scripting

• At least three years of testing experience in an Agile

• Familiar with Story acceptance testing, automated regression
testing, integration testing, simulators, JUnit

• Experience with automated testing as a PRIMARY responsibility

• At least two years experience building monitoring for
distributed systems that perform critical business or operational
functions, preferably in a real- or near-real time environment
(dashboards, alarms, etc.)

• Expert in testing methodologies and technologies and the theory
of software testing

• Experience with one or more of: SNMP, JMX, Nagios is a plus
Other Nice to Have Skills • BS in Computer Science or related field required; MS in Computer
Science or related field preferred
Minimum Immigration Status Permanent Resident (Green Card)
Job Starting Date November 25, 2017

Job Description

The Automated Test Developer designs and implements story acceptance tests, system regression tests, and system health, configuration and monitoring tests in Java, Python and Unix shell scripts that exercise the code built by the rest of the Media Asset Management development team. This team builds and maintains mission-critical video production systems.

Qualified candidates will have previous experience writing automated "white box" tests for medium- to large-scale, “mission critical” production systems that directly support essential business or technical functions. Practical experience in the key disciplines of test automation and the agile software development regimen is required.

The Automated Test Developer loves to break things in ways no one else thought of. For example, let's say you sit down with a developer who tells you that he creates folder names for reports based on a text field that the user enters, and he implemented this by shelling out" to the OS (BASH). The first thought you have is to create a project for this app on the developer's computer and name it "`rm *`". If you get the point to this story and are someone who thinks like this, we'd like to talk to you.

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