Job Listing

Perl/PHP Programmer

Job Location Cleveland, OH, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Three to Six Month
Work Experience
  · Programmer (Must have 5-7 years experience)
Skill Requirements
· Java · HTML
· Perl Scripting · ORACLE
Other Required Skills - At least five years applications programming experience.
- Minimum one year of web application development.
- Fluency in Perl, including object-oriented-ness.
- Familiarity with at least one other high-level object-oriented
language (Java, C++, Python, Ruby, etc).
- HTML, SQL, and basic database design.
- Experience with automated testing and source code control.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Business acumen, RDBMS administration, and leading teams are
all big pluses!
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date November 20, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

We use Perl (the most fun you can have writing code), with a touch of PHP, for a 3-tier web application running on Apache, with Oracle as the backend, all hosted on Linux. We take life-long learning seriously and always look for new technologies to add to our bag of tricks. Our rapid growth guarantees you will not be bored. We are agile, productive, and do our magic through short project cycles. We're a tightly knit team, we think programming is fun, take great pride in our accomplishments, and we don't work sweatshop hours.

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