Job Listing

Essbase Administrator

Job Location Greensboro, NC, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Six Month to One Year
Work Experience
  · Administrator (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
· SQL Server · Essbase
Other Required Skills . College degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or
equivalent work experience.
. 5 years of applications programming is preferred, 3-5 years
database applications programming, 3-5 years database analyst
experience, advanced level of analytical skills and a college
degree (or equivalent experience).
. Expert, applied knowledge of Hyperion Essbase software (7.0.x
and above) from an administration perspective.
. Understanding of client server and multi-tier hardware platform
. Excellent communication skills, analytical ability and problem
solving skills.
. Business Objects, PowerCenter,.Net, IIS and Java experience a
. Excellent SQL skills.
. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team across
multiple locations, self-starter.
. Ability to work effectively with development staff across
multiple locations.
. Experience with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
. Oracle, SQL Server and UDB experience is helpful.
. Ability to manage several tasks in a fast changing and
challenging environment.
. Thorough understanding and experience in working with ASO and
BSO cubes.
. Experience with Maxl/ESSCMD scripts, security,
tuning/optimization, outline design.
. Experience in OLAP environments.
. Proficient in database design; familiarity with ETL and data
warehouse concepts.
. Extensive knowledge of standards, procedures, performance
characteristics, and software component logic and interfaces.
. Insurance knowledge is a plus.
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date November 23, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

Actively looking for a contractor that could fill this description. I'm looking for emphasis on implementing Hyperion Essbase system 9 - preferably on Wintel with a focus on installing/maintaining the Hyperion Planning and HFM applications. The ideal candidate - for a longer term gig, would have a combination of the skills associated with both job descriptions I've sent.

This position is required to maintain and support multidimensional database systems and software on the Enterprise Data Services team. Primary concentration is on the day-to-day activities required to maintain a reliable OLAP database environment. In addition, this position is accountable for the support of accessory components to the Hyperion software, such as Planning, Reports and Analytics. This position is responsible for analyzing the OLAP database needs of Lincoln Financial business units; assisting in the development of multidimensional data designs to address business requirements and assuring that detailed data standards and structures are established and utilized by system and application developers. The position will be involved
with the development, implementation and enforcement of database policies and procedures, will ensure the availability of data through backup and recovery best practices and will execute regular performance tuning exercises on the OLAP database portfolio and corresponding servers. This position will work very closely with the EDS staff in all locations and will be involved in building key relationships with the Corporate Systems team.

The ideal candidate are responsible to:
1. Support System 9 infrastructure components to deliver a stable environment for production and non-production platforms
. Estimate, monitor and tune Essbase DBMS to meet retrieval and calculation performance and storage capacity requirements
. Monitor capacity
. Tune OS for performance
. Develop/Implement backup and recovery plan
. Provide defragmentation services for Essbase cubes
. Monitor hardware usage and recommend upgrades
. Troubleshoot operating system problems

2. Provide production control services and execution of the following Essbase components:
. ETL Processes
. Load Rules
. Calc Scripts
. Business Rules
. HFM Applications
. Report Scripts and MAXL Scripts.

3. Provide technical support to the Corporate Services (CS) development team for ongoing operational support for Hyperion applications including installation, configuration, testing, tuning and development of the Hyperion suite of products:
. Analyzer
. Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
. Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Reports

4. Work with CS staff to transform documented business requirements into logical and, ultimately, physical design specifications for the following Essbase components:
. Essbase cubes
. ETL Processes

5. Provide ongoing support to the development team for existing applications and ensure that recurring processing schedules and deliverables are met.

6. Provide support to development staff for unit testing, system testing and implementations, exercising full life cycle development of new functionality, enhancements and bug fixes.

7. Foster and maintain good relationships with CS colleagues.

. Creation and/or modification of disaster recovery procedures
. Restoring data to prod/non-prod database environments
. Changing Essbase Server configuration parameters for prod/non-prod environments
. Enabling Performance Monitor statistics for prod/non-prod environments
. Assist in designing and developing OLAP database structures for all prod/non-prod environments
. Troubleshooting database and server performance issues
. Researching new versions and features of Hyperion Essbase and OLAP software component
. Testing and applying appropriate service packs to the prod/non-prod environments
. Calling Oracle/Hyperion support to resolve issues pertaining to Essbase
. Creating OLAP objects for prod/non-prod environments
. Expanding databases, logs, and data devices for prod/non-prod databases
. Backup, recovery and reorganization of prod/non-prod databases
. Running performance monitors or appropriate tracing mechanisms to troubleshoot or monitor the Essbase environment

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