Job Listing

SOA Architect

Job Location Jacksonville, FL, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Three to Six Month
Work Experience
  · Architect (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
· ORACLE · PeopleSoft
· J2EE · XML
· Siebel
Other Required Skills - 5+ years of experience enabling SOA across technological platforms
(Microsoft, IBM, Oracle,++) for an Enterprise Vision/roadmap
- Experience with building J2EE applications
- Experience with multiple WS-* standards and specifications, including WS-
Policy, WS-Security, WS-Addressing, and UDDI
- Experience with building .net/MicroSoft (+SharePoint) solutions
- Experience with integrating Siebel, Diamond, PeopleSoft and other
‘purchased’ solutions into an Enterprise SOA landscape.
Other Nice to Have Skills - 5+ years of experience with software engineering and
- Experience in conveying knowledge to diverse groups of people,
such as classes, brown bags, seminars, to ensure consistent
application of standards is established.
- Experience in producing proofs of concept with different
technologies to accurately arrive at the most proper one for the
problem at hand.
- Experience in evaluating RFPs from the technological
perspective and providing recommendations.
- Experience with architecting, implementing and reviewing large
system implementations
- Experience in creating policy and governance documents with
respect to software and infrastructure technologies
- Strong understanding of SOA, object-oriented analysis and
design, and business process modeling/re-use
- Excellent planning and organizational skills.
- Experience in creating policy and governance documents with
respect to software and infrastructure technologies
- Knowledge of Web services certification and accreditation
- Knowledge of Web services orchestration approaches, including
business process execution language
- Knowledge of software architecture principles
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date December 6, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

- Mid-senior level professional Architect with strong, proven success in deployment of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
- Specifically developing and implementing SOA methodologies, Governance and Framework.
- This position is also responsible for researching technical solutions and recommending a course of action regarding techniques, design and testing protocols. This work requires that the employee have considerable knowledge in multiple platforms and methodologies of application architecture.
- As a member of the EA Team, you will be responsible for ensuring, defining and articulating the architectural vision with respect to various enterprise technologies.
- The immediate assignment is to prioritize and execute solutions and layout a roadmap to execute to enterprise level solutions.

The ideal candidate also are responsible to:

- Facilitate lessons learned from today’s service providers/consumers, reviewing the lessons, then emparting solutions to avoid those lessons in future services deliveries.
- DataPower - Assess the current process to enable DataPower components timely & support SLA’s for implementations and downtime.
- Look into flexibility standards/design patterns – to address avoiding modification of service every time there’s a new client.
- Layout roadmap/process to enable registration of non-DataPower services (i.e., 20+ PIP services; MQ based).
- Services testing – Assess the process to test services (i.e., all clients, automated/re-usable scripts…)and document recommendations to enable 'service' based testing.
- services monitoring (BAC) – would like to see further improvements in monitoring capabilities (Internal vs. External service…)
- Assess requirements and document findings to depict what it would take to move to latest technologies non-SOAP latest tech.(i.e., SAML, JSON vs. XML…)relative to SOA.


- MUST have all REQUIRED technologies.

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