Job Listing

SAP Infrastructure Architects

Job Location Collegeville, PA, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Three to Six Month
Work Experience
  · Architect (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
Other Required Skills - Experience SAP Netapp professionals.
- Experience with the application layer of SM SAP. AIX / HACMP
cluster configuration.
- Experience with an OMP interface.
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date November 28, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

The ideal candidate will help lead an existing SAP project team, assess the current program plan, implement a governance structure, determine project scope and limitations.
- Identify Goals, objectives, and key milestones to put structure around the current engagement.
- Develop IT strategy and architecture recommendations for SM SAP. AIX / HACMP cluster configuration system.
- Verify/revise existing program plan as necessary.
- Implementation of SMSAP based hot backups for SAP systems (per defined procedure)
- Diagnosis of SMSAP hot backup implementation/configuration failures
- Development of remediation work plans for diagnosed failures
- NetApp SAN storage configuration and replication tuning


- Phone Screen Interview

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