Job Listing

SQL SERVER Developer

Job Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Three to Six Month
Work Experience
  · SQL Developer (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
· ORACLE · SQL Server
· SAS · Teradata
Other Required Skills - SSIS
- Info cubes
- Data modeling
Other Nice to Have Skills - Extensive experience with 2008 SQLSERVER experience with
Oracle and Teradata is a plus.
- Experience loading large databases (preferably SQLSERVER) from
database files. This should include writing and executing load
- Extensive experience with database cubes / cubing technology.
This should include data structured using star schema.
- Experience with SML and/or other messaging process to process
requests for data.
- Strong written and verbal skills.
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date November 18, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

The ideal candidate will:
- Work with the database group to setup new SQLSERVER 2008 database cubes to house the External Cost data.
- Write and execute scripts to do the initial load of two years of historical data provided to us as a compressed extract (db files in the db structure) of an Oracle database.
- Write a process to load additional data from files that will be retrieved on an ongoing basis via FTP.
- Interface with other systems to receive requests for data retrieved from the database as well as make requests to other systems for supporting data.
- Knowledge transfer to the team that will provide support.

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