Job Listing

Senior Project Manager

Job Location Boston, MA, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Six Month to One Year
Work Experience
  · Project Manager (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
· Project Management - PMP · Project Management - PMP
· MS-Access · MS-Access
Other Required Skills - The candidate will have at least 5 years experience in private
and public Accounting and Procurement Practices.
- Familiarity with IT Terminology and Processes as well as
experience with IT finance reporting and accounting life cycle
- Strong analytical skills.
- Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, specifically
Excel pivot tables and macros. The candidate will have experience
in using the Excel tools for financial analysis. A strong Access
skill set working with relational databases is also desirable.
- The candidate will also have experience in developing and
maintaining transactions against a Chart of Accounts.
- It is desired that the successful candidate will have
experience with the financial management of grants and bonds.
- Knowledge of State Accounting methods is desirable
Other Nice to Have Skills - Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date October 14, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

The ideal candidate will provide advice, document and perform financial technical assistance in the preparation of IT annual budgets. Will perform and coordinate the review, analysis and examine the budget estimates or proposals for accuracy, precision, and completeness. Will ensure conformance with internal procedures, policies, and organizational objectives. In addition to IT budget, the PM should employ cost-benefit analysis to assess program tradeoffs, review financial requests, and explore alternative funding methods.

He/She will work with:- with IT Managers and Department Heads to develop proposed operational and financial plans for evaluation at the beginning of each budget cycle.
Shall examine past and current budgets, and perform research of financial and economic developments that could have an effect on the organizationís spending habits. Through this process of examination, research, and exploration, the IT Budget PM will evaluate spending proposals in terms of the organizationís priorities and financial resources.
- Will perform regular monitoring of the Project budget throughout the remainder of the fiscal year.
- Will be responsible for reporting to the IT Director of Managerial Services on all activities associated with the IT financial program.
- Will be responsible for development and/or modification of procedures associated with the IT financial program and may also be involved in long-term planning endeavors such as projecting future budget needs.
- Will be responsible for the development of guidelines and policies governing the formulation and maintenance of the IT budget. The IT financial project manager will also include the development of measurements of IT organizational performance and assessment of the effects of various programs and policies on the budget.
- Will conduct training sessions for IT Senior Management personnel regarding new budget procedures.

In addition to their duties, it is also on their responsibility to do and perform the folling:
* Create a Project Financial Plan: Outlining prospective programs and new initiatives along with standard IT capital and/or operating expenditures, detailing the * estimated costs and expenses, capturing areas where funding increases are necessary.
* Develop reports that can measure cost saving efforts within the Project.
* Develop reports that capture cost overages for all IT accounts and appropriations.
* Creation of Financial Reporting templates that will capture all Project expenditures and summarize them into a comprehensive report for executive oversight.
* Train IT finance staff in the use of any newly created reports, spreadsheets and macros that are developed for MassDOT IT and the Project.

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