Job Listing

SAP ABAP Developer (CRM Module)

Job Location Swiftwater, PA, USA
Position Type Contract
Job Length Six Month to One Year
Work Experience
  · Developer (Must have years experience)
Skill Requirements
· SAP · Project Management - PMP
Other Required Skills - ABAP Programming with the CRM Module
- 5 10 years experience using the SAP ABAP Workbench. Proven
skills in both R/3 and CRM programming techniques including
dialog programming. Additional programming experience with ECC6
and SAP ERP 6, and exposure to the NetWeaver stack would be
beneficial. The developer must be willing to stay current with
the changing SAP development practices and recommendations.
Other Nice to Have Skills
Minimum Immigration Status H1B Visa
Job Starting Date November 28, 2017
Wage/Salary Hourly: Depending On Experience

Job Description

The scope of work of the ideal candidate encompasses the activities required for ABAP development support and maintenance in all of our Client's SAP systems.
The business community also needs to be supported as they use the system. This support consists of answering questions about the system, assisting users as they use the system, and assisting the training department in preparing training documentation

The developer should have a general knowledge on all SAP technologies implemented in Sanofi Pasteur.
The ideal candidate are responsible and able to write and deliver the software needed for the SAP project and tasks based on the requirement document. Unit test the software to be sure everything is functioning according to the requirements document. A code review will be done on this software before the software is released for Validation testing. He/She can provide maintenance and support of ABAP code in all of our SAP systems. The SAP systems at our client site include the ERP system (R/3) or IS2000 and CRM / FOCUS, our Customer Relationship Management system. He/She can give assistance to any questions about how the software is operating. Fix any issues that arise in Development and Validation testing.

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